E-vision Supervision system for photovoltaic implants

E-Vision is the supervision system for photovoltaic plants developed by EpoCS which allows instantaneous viewing of the main parameters: energy yield, earnings and CO2 savings. E-Vision allows you to constantly monitor all parameters from inverters and string boxes so that any failure is identified promptly, minimizing service time. Protocols currently supported are: MODBUS RTU and TCP/IP.

E-vision img

The system is web-based and can be accessed from a PC or smartphone anywhere you have the availability of a network connection. You can see the actual values and graphs over time of string boxes and inverters parameters (voltage, current, temperature, power, etc.). Each output from the chosen constraints of a parameter generates an alarm which is displayed on the graphic interface and communicated via SMS and email. Data are stored on a database and used for statistical analysis on the performance of the system. Reports about the alarms management of and maintenance actions are produced. E-Vision integrates a complete video surveillance system, can detect the presence of undesirables on the plant and prevent theft of equipment and panels.

You can try the system by accessing the demo area via this link: demo. Access is password protected. To obtain the password, please send an e-mail.

Firmware for PV inverters

Firmware for PV invertersEPoCS develops custom firmware for control of PV inverters based on algorithms designed to minimize the reactive component dimensions and maximize performance of the devices. The core of the algorithms is the digital control of the harmonics. The software is developed according to customer specifications or alternately libraries which implement the algorithm core are distributed.